CEREC: The Digital Road to a New Crown

CerecOver the past few decades technology has rapidly changed the way we live our lives. In the same way that your computer and phone have become integral parts of your everyday world, so has technology began to emerge in the dental office. Patients are better educated, and demand a higher quality of care. This technological surge has shifted the way we practice dentistry, and in turn your experience in our office. At the forefront of this shift is Cerec technology, and the one-visit all ceramic crown.

Cerec technology uses a milling machine to cut a pre-compressed restoration out of a porcelain block. This restoration is superior to the traditional composite white filling because it avoids the shrinkage factor that over time can lead to recurrent decay or tooth sensitivity. It also has advantages over the traditional lab-fabricated porcelain restoration because it can be made and delivered in a single visit. This avoids the need for a temporary restoration or messy, uncomfortable impression material. It also allows the dentist to immediately seal the dentin tubules in your tooth, reducing the risk of post-operative tooth sensitivity, and decreasing the likelihood for future root canal treatment.

Originally launched in Zurich in 1985, Cerec has been heavily researched and beta tested for the past 25+years. Today, Cerec technology is capable of creating the most beautiful and reliable inlays, onlays, and all-ceramic crowns.

“The process of getting a dental crown used to take multiple long appointments, and require you to wear a temporary crown for weeks. Now, your entire Cerec process is finished in under 2 hours!”

What happens at your Cerec appointment?

  • Dr. Goodman or Dr. Kliman will discuss your Cerec restoration and answer any questions that you may have about the procedure.
  • If needed, you will be anesthetized for a more pleasant dental experience.
  • Often, an Isolite appliance will be used as both a comfortable bite block, and convenient suctioning device.
  • A digital scan will be taken of the area to be worked on, and often the opposing dentition.
  • Your preparation will be completed. This will entail removing existing restorative material, decayed tooth structure, or preparing the tooth for a full coverage crown.
  • Another digital scan will be taken of the prepared tooth, and possibly the opposing dentition.
  • The doctor will ask that you kindly move into the waiting room while your restoration is digitally designed and milled. Depending on the type of restoration you are getting, this may take 10-30 minutes. A perfect time to run to the bathroom or catch up on some reading/emails.
  • Your Cerec restoration is now complete! You will be asked back into the operatory for the final cementation, adjustment, and polishing of your new Cerec restoration.

cerec2The process of getting a dental crown used to take multiple long appointments, and require you to wear a temporary crown for weeks. Now, your entire Cerec process is finished in under 2 hours!

Just like any technology, Cerec continues to evolve everyday and demands constant education and growth. Recently Dr. Kliman attended Toronto’s 2014 Cerec Summit and learned more about enhanced Cerec scanning technology, integration with Cone beam radiographic technology, and new materials for stronger and even more aesthetic restorations. We promise to be at the leading edge of this exciting technology so that we can bring you the highest quality dental care available.

If you’re interested in learning more about Cerec technology or getting a Cerec restoration, ask any of our staff and book an appointment today!